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The Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León, ICE, is a public entity, belonging to the Economy and Finance Department of Junta de Castilla y León, whose objective is to improve business competitiveness, executing most policies, programs, and regional financial measures related to R&D, entrepreneurship, innovation and the internationalization of our entities.

Among ICE commitments the following ones can be remarked:

  • Innovation policies and Programmes giving effective and specific advisory support to regional entities in the frame of R&D and Innovation, and promoting regional, national and European and International Programmes and initiatives.
  • Promotion and support for the internationalization of regional companies, through commercial promotion, international business cooperation, investment attraction, etc.
  • Financing instruments and initiatives (subsidies and loans)
  • Other promotion initiatives: public procurement policies entrepreneurship, cluster and sectoral policies, policies and Programmes for regional technology centres.


CARTIF is a horizontal, private and non-profit technology centre. Its mission is to offer innovative solutions to companies to improve their processes, systems and products, improving their competitiveness and creating new business opportunities.

CARTIF develops R&D projects, directly funded by companies or public funds raised through competitive calls for national and international level. CARTIF also advises public authorities (municipalities and regional governments) in the planning and development of innovative projects with high economic returns.

The Centre maintains the same values and objectives since its foundation in 1994, priority is placed on contributing to the development of its social and economic environment through the use and encouragement of technological innovation via the development and diffusion of research.
Its disciplinary teams work in five areas of knowledge that correspond to different economic and technological sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructures, agro-food and health and quality of life.

Supporting this structure, there are laboratories that have emerged from several lines of research: Analysis and Tests, 3D Scanning, Characterization of biomass, Biotechnology and Materials.

Complementing these, other technological services such as management of innovation and technology transfer intended to increase the level of business innovation, better organize their R&D and reap greater benefits from the ideas generated.


European Conference on Smart,
Sustainable and Resilent Cities

Valladolid, 20-21 september 2018
Miguel Delibes Cultural Center


Conference Secretariat:

Scientific Programme Secretariat:
CARTIF Technology Centre

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